I am currently not involved in teaching classes. I am considering providing a seminar or lecture on "stochastic methods in evolutionary bioinformatics" in the WS 2021/2022 at the University of Tübingen. If you would like to encourage me to do so please let me know.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing a master thesis in mathematics or bioinformatics in our group, e.g. at the interface of machine learning and population genetics or microbial population dynamics.

Currently, the following topics are available:

  • The mutation rate in fluctuating environments (comp bio)
  • Modeling CRISPR population dynamics (math)
  • The ancestors of a microbial genome sequence (math)
  • ancestral gene presence/absence reconstruction (bioinfo -- no longer available)
  • Inferring and visualizing parental ancestry proportions (bioinfo)
  • Detecting oversampled strains in pathogen databases (bioinfo)
  • CNNs for lottery outcome prediction (really!)
  • ... your own idea?